Are you interested in becoming a Championship Judge?

The National Sanctioned and World Coffee championships produced by World Coffee Events (WCE) cannot happen without the vital role our judges play in them, so whether you’re keen to get involved on a National level, or you’re interested in judging on the World Championship stage, you’re in the right place.

To become a judge in a European National Chapter Championship you’ll need to be a member of SCA and meet the requirements a chapter sets for being a national judge.
For more information and requirements get in touch with your local chapter here.

You need experience in a National Sanctioned Championship to meet the eligibility criteria for the WCE Judge Certification.
Passing this Certification will enable you to judge in World Championships. Judge Certifications are held throughout the year at varying locations across the world, details of which can be found on the Events Calendar.
To find out more about the rules and regulations and the latest updates on the Judge Certification, please click here.

Next to national judge experience it is highly recommended to attend a World Competitions Educational Program, which is a training course to learn how to judge. This course is open for someone looking at judging for the first time, judges that have been out of the circuit for a while and want to get up to date with he latest requirements, but also for competitors and coaches, who want to know hat judges are really looking for and thus improve their performance.
You can find more information here.