Origin Field Trip: Mexico!

Don't miss the chance of a Mexican coffee adventure!


From Bean to Cup... come and visit Mexico!

We are delighted to announce an origin field trip to Mexico, visiting farms and coffee productions in the Veracruz and Chiapas regions of Mexico, exclusively for SCAE members! The trip will provide valuable insights into the coffee industry of Mexico and its coffees, ranging from visiting processing plants to coffee mills, whilst learning more about the complexities of the coffee bean.

What: Origin field trip to Mexico
When: 15th - 25th January 2017 (to be confirmed)
Where: Veracruz and Chiapas regions, Mexico
Price: €975 + flight cost from your location to Mexico*
*Please Note: we are still working on the schedule so please do not book any travel until the details have been confirmed!
Deposit: €200 required by no later than 30th November 2016

Come and take in the local culture and everyday life of the origin country, including breath-taking landscapes, exotic wildlife and their rich and diverse history. You will experience coffee like never before!

Please register your interest with Colin Smith, SCAE Trip Organiser at colin.smith@smithscoffee.co.uk

Summary schedule (more details to follow)

Day 1, 16.01.2017:
  • Meet for breakfast then set off to visit Veracruz Port to gain valuable insights into the imports and exports of coffee. Lunch at the coffee exporter warehouse to then drive to Coatepec Coffee town.
Day 2, 17.01.2017:
  • Begin the day with breakfast in Coatepec. Visit a farm and a coffee mill in Xalapa, then to Agritech to see where they are developing a Rust resistant Hybrid plant.
Day 3, 18.01.2017:
  • Visit the Tajin. Later, drive to Cordoba stopping for Lunch in the Coffee Town Huatusco, followed by dinner in downtown Cordoba.
Day 4, 19.01.2017:
  • Visit to Descamex decaf plants and Catoex soluble plant. Later on, enjoy a long lunch at our Brewery.
Day 5-7, 20-22.01.2017: 
  • Travel to Chiapas where we will spend the next 2/3 days.
Day 8-10, 23-25.01.2017: 
  • Further details to be confirmed. Please register to receive updates on the trip.  
NOTE: Deposits of €200 per person will be required by 30th November 2017. 
Full & final payment will be due by 16th January 2017.