Russia Chapter Election

 Candidates for National Coordinator

Name     Nomination Reason
Ilya   I’m in coffee since 2004. 2006 onwards working for SFT TRADING Ltd, today in the role of one of managing partners. In 2011, founded Torrefacto, online company roasting only to order, with annual turnover of $1.5 mil today. I’m also a managing partner of a coffeeshop and online sales unit of another well-known roaster. My strengths are self-discipline and self-monitoring, systematic thinking, clear vision, high efficiency, ability to find links between seemingly faraway concepts, orientation towards balance. I have strong management and leadership skills, am good at persuasion and marketing. Q-grader since 2015. Married, 3 kids.




Candidates for Education Coordinator

Name     Nomination Reason
Daria   I started as a barista in 2006. In 2008 I won Russian Barista Competition and presented our country in Copenhagen. Since then I worked at different positions as a barista trainer, a chef-barista, a brand manager, etc. and managed to get multiple experience and wide connections in coffee industry. Since 2014 I work as a quality manager at KLD Coffee Importers. I'm a certified Q Arabica Grader since 2015, National Judge since 2014; at KLD I'm responsible for quality issues, educational programs, and purchasing, selling and promotion of Specialty coffee.


Candidates for Membership Coordinador

 Name      Nomination Reason


 Anastasyia   I started as a barista at 2011 in Saint Petersburg. Move up to head barista of a coffeeshop, then a brand barista  in a group of restaurants. Now I work as a QC and development specialist at a Coffee Department roastery.


Candidates for Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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Candidates for Events Coordinator


 Name      Nomination Reason


  2016-2017 SCA Russia Chapter, Events Coordinator 2013-2017 Project Director of Coffee and Tea Russian Expo and Coffee Tea Festival 2006-2017 Coffee and Tea in Russia magazine, Event and Marketing Director 2002-2006 Kimberly-Clark, Junior Brand Manager  2000-2002 Holsten AG, Brand Manager Assistant 2000-2002 Friendships People University, Magister 1996-2000 Friendships People University, Bachelor Languages: Russian (native speaker, German – advanced, English – advanced, Spanish - elementary) 

Hello! I have experience in working with specialty coffee since 2004 (Montana Coffee – sales director), Franko (Sales director) and Madian (General Director). COE judge from 2009. National Coordinator in Russia on 2015-2017. Judging in Russia for more than 10 years, last 7 years as Head Judge. Support all organizers and championships in all regions of Russia. WCE certified judge from 2014, judge internationally and in WBC. National Body from 2015. I have a great experience of promoting WCE championships in Russia, promote and support them all the time. I develop judging community in Russia for many years, organized with Chris Speirs (one of the previous National Coordinators) first WCEP in Russia, and organize calibrations and tests for judges to help them to grow. We have 90 judges and more than 400 competitors on this season of championships. Im sure, that WCE championships will develop in the nearest years very fast, and I have a lot of ideas about organizing all the processes, to support the development on all stages and to form the stable basement for the future of championships.   I want to work in team of coffee enthusiasts and help to develop Specialty coffee movement with all my experience.  Thank you!  p.s. Please, delete my candidacy from the position of National Coordinator, I will vote for Ilya Savinov and hope to work as Event Coordinator.