Candidates for Events Coordinator


 Name      Nomination Reason
Sebastian Ioan






  Talking about myself is not something I do often as I am the “go-getter” and hard working type of guy, but for those who meet me now I am the Romanian Latte Art Champion for the last 3 years and trainer and AST at Barista School. I consider myself one of the pioneers of the coffee industry in Romania and I reached this level after years of work. With 10 years experience in Horeca, for the past 6 years working with coffee and since 3 years ago organizing SCA events, I know I can continue to add VALUE to the development of the Romanian coffee industry. I am driven by passion and commitment and I believe that together we can put the Romanian specialty coffee community on the international map.



 Dalia   Delia Avram is curently working at Yume Coffee Roasters as a head barista, and a little more.Her work is focused on the  costumers experience. From choosing a certain coffee, to shipping, and extraction, she helps the client.   Delia is working within the specialty coffee industry for more than five years now.  Prior to coffee she worked as graphic designer.  During her studies, Delia was actively involved in a student NGO, where she participated in the organization of projects.Passionate about specialty coffee and its many possibilities of preparing it, Delia provides information and services that help people understand more about it.