Barista Guild of Europe is dedicated to developing the role of the baristas.

Barista Guild of Europe (BGE) is led by a working group of the Membership Committee of SCA dedicated to building the
role of the Barista through professional and community development. The group consists of eight people, from different
countries and backgrounds, but all strongly rooted in the European barista community. They are supported by two SCAE
board members.

BGE launched in Europe with its Barista Camp, held in October 2014 in Greece. The sold-out event combined SCAE
educational content with lectures and social activities. The participants, hailing from 25 different countries, worked hard to
pass their tests, learned about new trends and techniques that put their day-to-day job into perspective, and formed
friendships along the way. With Barista Camp, BGE proved that providing opportunities for baristas to come and learn
together are tremendously important tools for the baristas’ professional development.

In 2015, BGE will continue to focus on bringing the European barista community together—both online and in person—to
meet, learn, develop, and grow. In addition to hosting a second Barista Camp in late summer, BGE will also activate three
new initiatives:

  • A new CoLab event series, that combine a day of compelling education with discovering local barista communities in
  • Europe. The first CoLab will be held in Prague in May.
  • A compendium of freely available online education and professional discussion.
  • Membership benefits, including the ability to influence the future of the BGE.

To find out more about BGE and its upcoming activities, please visit